A review by lunaread
Call Down the Hawk , by Maggie Stiefvater


you are made of dreams and this world is not for you

3.5 star

Call Down the Hawk follows three main point-of-views: Ronan Lynch who is fed up with his predictable life on the Barns. Things are about to change when a mysterious existence appears to speak to him in his dreams, challenging him and taunting him. Jordan Hennessy who is an art forger about to commit an important heist. Carmen Farooq-Lane who is part of an organization dedicated to killing dreamers in the name of saving the world. (Basically there's a threat to the dreamers and the dreamers must figure out how to save themselves and each other.)

I think this is a very Maggie Stiefvater book. There's the beautiful, atmospheric prose I love. There's also the not-a-lot-of-plot I've come to accept. This is a fluffy fantasy read for me and I'm definitely continuing with the trilogy. However, on its own, Call Down the Hawk didn't wow me as much as I would have liked? Like a certain *spark* is missing from the story until the last 20% or so.

(Partially that could be because the character dynamics and banter in TRC is very top-notch and I'm subconsciously comparing Call Down the Hawk to TRC??? Not a fair comparison because #nostalgia but I couldn't help the comparison sjshjd)

My brain is struggling to write a complete review, so here's a list of random thoughts:

- Adam being iconic even though he's barely on-page.
- Pynch #relationshipgoals
- Needs more banter between characters
- I wish we are given reasons to care for the new characters earlier?? In the first half of the book, the pov of the new characters are a bit of a drag to get through. Like I've grown to really love Jordan but wish that happened earlier D:
- Declan redeemed himself and become the second best if not best character in Call Down the Hawk. His character and his blooming romance with (character) become some of my highlights from the book.
- The Lynch brothers <3
- Ronan is sometimes unbearable in this book but I still love him