A review by amber_lea84
Never Let Me Go, by Kazuo Ishiguro


I think I was annoyed because going into it I was told it was a dystopian novel, so I wanted this dystopian world laid out for me...which is something you don't get until you're something like 30 pages from the end.

I was also frustrated because the characters are far more passive than I could ever be, and Ruth is a jerk. And she's super important to the story (in that, it's like one-third about her), and I couldn't stop asking myself why everyone didn't tell her to go screw herself. I was really growing to hate Kathy for putting up with her.

So I gave this four stars because I wasn't feeling this story too much for the first half of the book, and even after that I was like, "Why am I still reading this?" (I was all set to give this three stars until the end.)

But yeah, now that I've finished it I think it was worth it. Like Krysten said, I didn't think this book would gut me and it did. I was all set to feel pretty "meh" about it. The only thing that really kept me going was Tommy. Oh god, Tommy.