A review by jupman
Daisy Jones & The Six, by Taylor Jenkins Reid


i like this book. it was interesting enough to keep reading. but it was a bit melotone. the story felt continuous and lacking emotional depth when it was a story that depened on emotional depth. because the entire book was written in an interview transcript, there was no real chance to truly connect with all the characters, as you're literally reading an interview and looking them as if they're a real rock band with real lives. i felt like i could have done the same thing on tmz or something lol because this really just is about musician drama turning into an album. kind of reminds me of something that would have happened with taylor swift or olivia rodrigo because they had some drama surrounding their music in terms of the people they "wrote" about.
i will say daisy's drug abuse was a little scary so i would recommend this to anyone who wants to get into drugs to convince them not to get into drugs. i remember around page 270 how she described wiping off blood as apart of her morning routine, and how her hands would turn blue and literally it was jarring to read- and wasn't even explicit in any way.
finally, the ending is anticlimactic. it felt like hitting a dead end. i think this had a good idea at first but wasn't worth the book.
t'was okay.