A review by rray_
The Resolutions by Mia Garcia


I thought this would be an appropriate read for Jan 1 and I had high hopes for this book - a diverse/own voices contemporary YA about a group of friends doing dumb fun (and harmless!) stuff, a New Year's-flavored Latinx Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants if you will, which is right up my alley.

...while not bad per se, I was still rather disappointed. Instead of staying together as a group or being totally separate (ala Sisterhood), the characters are so in-and-out of each other's lives it made it rather disjointed. The vast majority of the action is also dialogue-driven often with secondary characters about the mains, which made the plot feel very contained, constrained and "ship-in-a-bottle-ish" (like the TV episodes often called such). Or rather making the plot felt constrained and trapped in different rooms of a house, if you will (not literally in the plot, more figuratively, although it got pretty close to points like that, too).