A review by taun
Staying Stylish: Cultivating a Confident Look, Style, and Attitude by Candace Cameron Bure


Candace has written a very basic book revolving around her preferred styles, skincare, makeup, accessories, and self care routine. There is nothing spectacular I gleaned from her shared knowledge which, again, revolves solely around her personal style and general flattering fashion. This book is very much a narrative of her own preferences, with a bit of shallow fashion advice throughout.

I was disappointed in the promotion of many fast fashion brands, notorious for their abuse of sweat shop workers, and the lack of ethical alternatives. The promotion of chasing seasonal clothing trends, stuffing closets full, overspending and conscienceless consumerism is what makes cheap fashion so costly. Also, not many of us need the red carpet how-to’s.

I do appreciate her unapologetic, uncompromising, and gentle faith, introducing her readers to Jesus and why the Bible has an impact on her daily life.

Having previewed this book for a teen, I cannot say it would be of much encouragement or inspiration, fashion or otherwise.