A review by greyscribbler
The Iron Trial, by Holly Black, Cassandra Clare


2 1/2 stars

In an attempt to create a story that are both derivative and striving to be original, HB and CC created a pathetic excuse of a character that is Callum Hunt. Sadly for this book, the main character himself is, not necessarily a fault but definitely its biggest weakness. Callum Hunt is just frustrating and annoying. There's a part where I just need to put this book down and growl in anger: Callum just made a snarky remark about Jasper and when he made an answer as snarky ans shady, he was offended. Actually offended. So he can make all the snark in the world but don't mess with him because he's a cripple. I get it. Really.

In a close second for this book's biggest downfalls is the world-building. Can we just marvel on every wall of the Magisterium, its farthest wall, its shape, what's in the left side, in the right side. And of course, the center. How beautiful is the wall of a cave, with its lichens and mushrooms and lakes that boil and weirdly named rooms. Ugh! Claustrophobia, anyone?

As a final rant, I'd like to point out what I consider a petty thing: Callum's nickname. Why the fuck would someone nickname him CALL? All the time, I was reading "KOL" and not "KAL". It's frustrating. I sometimes just need to stop and...
I'm going to read the entire series though. Because the last quarter made actual sense. And it's actually immersive despite being annoying at times.