A review by lynseyscott
Rules of Arrangement, by Maren Mackenzie


I cannot overstate how much I loved this book. I was drawn in by the summary and the gorgeous cover and I was not disappointed.

Some highlights:
- The description and emotion of the family dynamic; families are complicated, especially when dealing with trauma and grief. I thought that the author did a great job of showing three different perspectives from Adelaide, Michael, and Samantha of how humans deal with family loss.
- Balance of the relationship between Jack and Adelaide. I had so much fun seeing Adelaide challenge Jack when he's seemingly surrounded by yes-people. The chemistry was off the charts.
- The pacing and development of the story was wonderful. I was never bored and always looking forward to what the next chapter would bring. I also appreciated the element of mystery in recovering the paintings as well as Jack and Adelaide's past.
- The plot was really unique and I so appreciate a romance book that doesn't have a high degree of predictability through it. Obvi I want an HEA in any book, but this was a serious page turner because I genuinely did not know what was coming next. I was so invested in all of the characters and found myself rooting for all of them.
- Jack. Everything about Jack. Period.

tl;dr: Maren Mackenzie knocked it out of the park with this novel!!

Thanks to NetGalley and the author for a copy of this book!