A review by thatsoneforthebooks
Crying in H Mart by Michelle Zauner


CW: parental death, cancer

In this memoir by musician Michelle Zauner, her stories center on the loss of her mom from cancer. Zauner weaves together stories from her childhood through her adulthood, telling stories of food, fun, pain, loss, and grieving. Throughout, she has to reconcile with her ever-evolving relationship with her mom, her mom's sickness and death, her relationships with family and friends in the US and in Seoul, and her career.

Genre: memoir
Location: Eugene, Seoul, and more

I don't really love reading memoirs in general - they don't hook me, and I get bored after a while. BUT THIS MEMOIR WAS EVERYTHING. Her storytelling and vivid descriptions of food, her stories of love and loss, her connections to the places of Eugene and Seoul, and so much more. I loved all of this! It was a really powerful story that I felt deeply.