A review by dorothysbookshelf
Civil War, by Mark Millar


Wow. I’ve been a huge fan of the MCU for years, and this was my first venture into reading the comics. And let’s just say that I am far from disappointed.

This edition is a collection of each of the 7 issues in the ‘Civil War’ event. With breathtaking art by Steve McNiven, and amazing writing by Mark Miller, this book was every I could have wanted.

The costume art was spectacular, and the small symbolic details scattered in each panel was extremely clever, and helped foreshadow plot twists.

Whilst reading, I was very nervous to see how it would end, and whether it would be anti-climatic or forced. Luckily enough, the ending was neither. Instead, everything was tied together extremely well.

It was great to read the book which inspired the film of the name, and I really enjoyed seeing the character developments fleshed out on page, as well as finding out which sub-plots they left out of the film - my favourite of which is the involvement of the Fantastic Four. I only wish I could have seen more of Doctor Strange.

‘Civil War’ exceeded all of my expectations, and I will definitely returning to read more Marvel comics, events and volumes.

“Whose Side Are You On?”