A review by mcholodewitsch
Aquaman, Volume 5: Sea of Storms, by Jeff Parker


Short Version: This book is pretty fun, nothing else.

The first three, maybe four, issues really shine. They continue the New52 tradition of having Aquaman be a badass, which im fine with. There's also some nice small moments about Arthur adjusting to being a king and an issue about him and Mera attending a high school reunion. On those issues alone I would give it a 4. Then it leads (kind of abruptly) into a story about the Hell of Atlantis being opened. After this its pretty much all action with Aquaman having to fight different creatures/characters from Greek mythology. While it opened the door for creative monster design, it felt awkwardly similar to the New52 Wonder Woman series (big shocker that she shows up).
At this point, the action stopped being fun and started being relentless. The fun moments of Aquaman joking are gone; the interesting moments of him being king are gone. If the art had been better I think the non-stop action would've been fine, but its standard DC style (and to me it didn't have the clearest sense of space).

Theres enough good stuff in here for me to say it wasn't a waste of time but also enough boring stuff for me to say i'm glad it was a rental. Though i'll probably come back for Vol. 6 to see if Parker can keep a good story going.