A review by abetterjulie
The Four Profound Weaves, by R.B. Lemberg


I wanted to like this much more than I did. That always flavors a review, I know.

It has everything I should love. The representation in it (other than the cruel disabled character) felt good to see. I loved the allegorical rhythm and repetition, and the concepts of hope and death - and how change was presented as a necessary constant.

But. For all that deep meaning about change, I didn't feel like anything did. That frustrated me. I wanted more...profound...change as a result of their journey. The characters were hard to tell apart without the section labels, and maybe that contributed to the way I perceived the resolution.

I think if you approach this as a normally told tale with western structure, you'll be disappointed. I wish the second half had leaned harder into the strengths of the first half and kept the mystical, almost surrealistic, quality. As it is, I felt like the 'story' interrupted the story, if that makes any sense.