A review by mcc1246
The 1619 Project: A New Origin Story by Nikole Hannah-Jones


“The 1619 Project challenges us to think about a country whose exceptionalism we treat as the unquestioned truth. It asks us to consider who sets and shapes our shared national memory and what and who gets left out”

I throughly enjoyed this book and recommend it! I checked this out from the library (Libby) but will be purchasing my own copy, there are so many historical dates and 1619 Project is a go to reference. This book is a collection of topics that until this point, had been discussed from one view.

It was not a quick read for me, I had to stop frequently throughout the chapters to process everything that was being said and pick it up later. I enjoyed reading on my kindle so I could tap and search the internet for definitions and reference dates…. A lot of the information went over my head unless I took the time to break it down. The chapters are written by different popular authors and are broken down into topics such as Democracy, Healthcare, Music, etc - so I even recommend reading the chapter that might interest you. Inheritance was one of my favorites with the discussion of finances in the black community, another conversation I had never heard.