A review by loganshea
Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge



doom is used more times than was EVER NEEDED.
abusive relationship- she literally hits and kicks him for nothing
confusing (not explained well) magic system
annoying FL
imo really bad names that don’t fit the characters
ex shade. ignifex. nyx. astraia. AND FRICKING MARCUS
this screamed try hard but seem like you’re not tying
too many references to mythology that didn’t make sense half the time
slow start, and the hearts were confusing, author didn’t go into enough detail about important plot points(the hearts, why exactly he father made the deal, etc) that i was confused the whole time
really bad similes that make no sense and aren’t needed
ex “ignifex prowled my room like a cat kept indoors by the rain”
i hate how she knew his name then forgot it
everyone in this book is so fake and two faced it’s scary
Nyx’s way of thinking is all backwards, she believes in the wrong people, she doesn’t trust herself, she wants to love people who she can’t love and who don’t even love her
and the quote on the cover that says “her mission was to kill him. her destiny was to love him” didn’t even make sense bc there was no destiny or prophecies in this
I knew the ending before the beginning, not because it was spoiled for me, but just because it was so predictable