A review by mimibooks
Leviathan Wakes, by James S.A. Corey


so I liked it not that I didn't... very interesting sci-fi elements, I would say it is a unique story coming out of old ideas... I love all of the crew and characters all has their flaws in their own ways but all of them were likable for me.
what I didn't like:
1) I just don't get Millar's death, ok he is depressed and suicidal, he has been trying to just live by during all his years at work but when Muss shattered that his fake guard fell and he become depressed. I loved Millar but this is not about that I wanted him to live, It is about that I don't get it.. like why? ok because the plot wanted someone on Eros ok, and because I guess his death with Julie was supposed to be a big emotional scene or something, tbh I just wanted him to be back with the crew and see him again in later installments, he gets well with the crew, he is very fitting with them, he is brilliant, so why kill a character like that just because he is supposed to be depressed and suicidal, why not find his new mission with them, find a purpose again, make the change he wanted to make and not by "sacrificing" himself.... and tbh again his obsession with Julie became too much toward the end, yeah yeah I get it she is like the good in him but anyway I don't like what they did with him, it felt like Eddie Munson from stranger things...it is just that characters who are too depressed and damaged that they want to die are not my thing anymore not after reading A little life's summary and the ideology of the author behind it..... and if we keep getting a new character with Holden each book to have it kill by the end I'm not continuing this series

2) the plot: while there were a lot of interesting twists and turns that I enjoyed and found creative, it was just a lot, why every single thing has to be changed and a new twist added to it what's the point.. like ok we will send Eros to sun wait Eros escaped ok we will kill the plan tell you what we will nuke Eros but wait even better we will talk to Eros and we will do a punch of drama to delay the nukes.. why? why not get just to the point which is have Miller talk to Julie and be off with it? all this twists at the end bored me and put me out of the mood.
3) well this book is way too long because of the 100 twists thing and all of miller's philosophical talking

overall I think I will give book 2 a try but that's it if it didn't grab me then I'm not continuing the series, I'm not reading 9 mediocre books, either blow my mind or it is not for me