A review by laurenjodi
Beautiful by Christina Lauren


4 Stars

Workaholic Jensen Bergstrom is in dire need of a vacation. Thus, when his sister encourages him to join her and their friends on a road trip, he takes the opportunity to unwind and relax. Unfortunately, the plan hits a snag when he realizes that Pippa Cox, the slightly deranged woman he met on the flight from London, is one of his traveling companions. The only singles in a group of couples, Pippa and Jensen are soon thrown together and what ensues is a delightful and oft-times hilarious romance.

This is the final installment in the series and it is a huge improvement on Ruby and Niall's debacle in the previous book. Pippa is a breath of fresh air who urges Jensen to put aside his stoicism and let his inner rebel out. Their interactions are sexy and fun.

As with all of the books in the series, there is a section of angst where Jensen and Pippa come to terms with what they want for the future. Thankfully, this is not overly lengthy, dramatic, or irritating.

The short series of prologues at the end catching up on the various couples in the series is a sweet and satisfying bonus.