A review by hopebrockway
The Poetry of Phyllis Wheatley, by Phyllis Wheatley


In an effort to try and understand poetry, I've decided to read more. I thought that the sheer volume of poetry exposure should help me understand what's going on. So far, I've just read things I don't understand. To be honest, it's not really helping my comprehension.

For my next foray into the poetry world, I decided to read some Phyllis Wheatley.

Again, this did not help my comprehension. Reading poetry is hard enough, but adding 18th-century syntax makes the experience a bit harder.

The poems were beautiful. And mainly centered around death? Idk what that was about. I guess she wrote them for people experiencing loss, which is beautiful and so thoughtful.

There were also some poems about slavery which, coming from a girl who was a slave, was amazing to read. She pulled no punches and roasted everyone. I loved it.

While I didn't quite know what was going on, I enjoyed these poems. I'm inspired by Phyllis's life: her eagerness to learn and her bravery for writing poems that would later free her.