A review by dflick2012
Ignite Me, by Tahereh Mafi


I am so torn between a 2 and a 3. I'm going with a 2 because I am disappointing by the ending. While I like it, it was only okay. I'm glad she ended up with Warner. I'm glad they defeated the Reestablishment. I think that Adam is okay with things in the end. I'm glad they can now be brothers.

But I would have wanted more with the brothers. More depth with Juliette and Warner's relationship. I wanted a better war. I wanted a better death for Anderson. It felt rushed. It felt lame. What was he trying to say? It felt like there was something there that wasn't fully used. I really do not think Juliette will be a good ruler. Her change was too quick and too dramatic.

Also, speaking of dramatics, I think it is going too far to have her power be basically complete destruction and immunity from bullets, but that is just me.

So in the end, not super excited by this book. Great series to start, loved it when Warner got more into it with the second book in the series, but this ending was just a let down.