A review by mouhy
The Great Man Theory by Teddy Wayne


As I sit here to type this review I can't help but be reminded of Paul's RealNews comments, aren't we all just chasing clout online after all even if we don't care to admit it? I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel despite what I thought felt like a rushed messy ending. No other contemporary author knows how to write envy/jealousy quite like Teddy. As in his other two novels that I've read, Apartment and Loner, he takes immense pleasure in humiliating his male protagonist that you just sit there as you turn page after page and wonder how wrong could it go for them? (spoiler: very wrong). Despite that, and immensely enjoyable as it was to read, I feel like this one is one of his weaker outings. I feel this story would've been better served with a less dramatic/action-packed ending.