A review by beyreads
The A.I. Who Loved Me, by Alyssa Cole


You’re you. And if you aren’t ready to be you yet, then you can be mine. I’ll keep you safe until then.

Living in a world where everything is automated because wherever we turn, a robot is ready to help? Dream, but can also be a nightmare I guess?

A humanoid designed to be very similar to human and able to fall in love? Very interesting indeed. It is also pretty well executed. I was immersed in the plot and the story—with the twist.

But sadly, though it is a short novella with only 130 pages, I had a hard time finishing it. This is my second book from her and I also had the same difficulty with the former. Mayhaps Alyssa Cole’s writing is just not for me, no matter how—I have to admit—good it is.