A review by lgbtrepinbooks
Still Stace: My Gay Christian Coming-Of-Age Story an Illustrated Memoir, by Stacey Chomiak


*As is the nature of a memoir, many topics are discussed and could be considered trigger warnings for many people.*

Trigger Warnings: Christianity, homophobia, christian shame/guilt, toxic relationship, control/manipulation, threats of suicide/blackmail, counseling, coming out, drinking, drugs, jail, sex, Gay conversion therapy

Representation: Lesbian, Bisexual, Christian, Canadian, Gay

Still Stace is an illustrated memoir about Stace’s journey growing up as a Christian, while also being gay. Raised in the church, Stacey loves God, her church, her church friends, and bible camp. This is thrown for a loop one summer while at camp, she meets a girl who makes her heart sing. This sparks a decade long journey of self discovery and how to feel at peace with her identity and spirituality.

This audio ARC was provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

I loved this memoir! I may be biased based on my religious upbringing but I thought this was an excellent look into what it is like to be raised in the church but also gay. I thought the writing was clear and well organized. I loved the honesty and truthfulness from the author. I loved how Stacey put her entire heart on her sleeve and was willing to be so vulnerable for her readers. I thought this was incredibly brave and made her journey so much more relatable. While I read, I was hoping for the author to identify when they were the problem more but I think that capability comes from a place of privilege and reflection, which is unfair to assume.

I felt Stacey did a wonderful job on the audiobook. Her reading was clear and smooth. She also brought true emotions to the story. Overall, a fantastic book that religious, ex-religious, and non-religious readers alike should read!