A review by teesbookjourney
How Moon Fuentez Fell in Love with the Universe, by Raquel Vasquez Gilliland


I loved this story. Moon is my favourite person - she is a strong, funny and genuine person. I especially love when she babbling and spitting weird insults. A true Gem is Moon to the core! She has endured a childhood full of trauma but despite that, she can know what is truly right and what is truly wrong with her super Christian upbringing.

This book displays some serious mental health issues and how religion and radical thoughts can make a person unreasonable.

Santiago is grumpy and unfriendly but the closer he gets to Moon the more we see the sweetness of his personality.

I loved the view on the bad side of Christianity, the falseness of social media and a girl attempting to be different then what was taught and make a happy life for herself

Moon discovers that she is not a bad person, she has talent and value. She has a way to go in shake the abuse she has suffered but throughout all this, she can find the bright side and live life as best she can.

Add in some interesting family curses and you got yourself a super intriguing storyline. Loved!