A review by amibunk
Blackbird House by Alice Hoffman


"Blackbird House" is a collection of short stories which are all set on the same farm off the East Coast. The stories are told chronologically, beginning with the Revolutionary War and ending in the 1990's.
I chose three stars for this book. Alice Hoffman has an incredible, lilting, soaring prose that is definitely 4 star worthy. Many of the stories touched me, and I wished they could have an entire novel dedicated to unfolding and exposing all the characters and their actions. However, there were entire chapters that did nothing to move me and I frankly wondered why they were included.
"Blackbird House" is pleasant and enjoyable. But it is not Hoffman's best work. If you have time on your hands, take the opportunity to read it. Keep in mind though, you will have to search out Hoffman's genious elsewhere.