A review by katreadingbooks
Blackbird House by Alice Hoffman


Blackbird House is a collect stories that span over 200 years. The book begins with a story about the family who built the house and continues to tell about the lives of all the inhabitants of Blackbird House.

Each story has one occurring character, a white blackbird. I think this bird is suppose to be like a spirit watching over the house and all those that live there. There are also plants and a summer kitchen that play a role in all the stories. They become a character of in themselves.

The stories flowed very well. I didn't find myself having to look back to remember the last story because usually there was a character who carried over or the previous family is reference to keep the history of the house in the reader's mind through out the novel.

The only reason for not giving this book 5 stars is because at times the stories dragged on. I was like OK I got it next story please. But for a book I found at the bookstore on the clearance cart I would have to say it was a good buy.

I found the book interesting because every time I moved into a place I could not help but wonder who might have lived here before.I wonder why they put that up there or where they happy here. This book answers those kind of questions for the Blackbird House since it chronicled the lives of the multiple owners of the house.