A review by jazzy_belle
Reign, by Siobhan Davis


This book is for sure my favorite of the three books and I hate that it’s ended.
Throughout the series, Harlow, Saint, Galen, Caz, and Theo’s bonds were tested but they prevailed and continued to grow in every book. But, this book was the pinnacle of that growth. There was no second guessing their love for each other. They were true ride or dies for each other. And OMFG, the sex?? Holy shit, Siobhan warned us but I still wasn’t ready.
I was captivated, riveted, and just completely hooked on every word. This was one of those books I seriously didn’t want to put down. I greedily inhaled when I should’ve took my time because I am saddened to see their story end.
Siobhan Davis, you are a wickedly evil and twisted genius but please don’t stop.