A review by drsdon
Wanderers, by Chuck Wendig


This an intense whirlwind of a book. The book is a combination of a dystopian / apocalyptic story, that combines a worldwide pandemic along with a machine intelligence, and then throw in some political allegory for a modern world, dealing with white supremacy, religious zealotry, and modern media. This book is loaded.

Because of the nature of the story being told, the book is also particularly violent. Typically, I don't find such violence useful in a story - often, it feels gratuitous - but in this book its deployed in such a way to add to the overall intensity character emotions, and it works.

The dystopian nature of the story is memorable, but the political allegory that permeates the novel - and the various commentary about modern society and politics - is something that will stay with a reader. Truly, there are parts of this book that are profound when considering its story in light of our contemporary world. And like so many great dystopian stories, the ethical questions posed are true quandaries, making one uncomfortable wrestling with concepts of private and public morality.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book; its story was captivating and entertaining, and its underlying allegory is challenging.