A review by stacyyak
Anna K Away, by Jenny Lee


- Contains Spoilers -

I was very excited - but also surprised - when I heard that there was going to be an Anna K. sequel! To be honest, I was a little hesitant and unsure what the story would look like after the ending of the first book, but I think Jenny Lee's continuation with the story was very justified and well orchestrated.

At a surface level I think the book was well written and there's no denying that Lee has a way with words. I am in awe how well she crafted an originally Russian narrative into a complex, but still relatable Gen-Z story. However, I'm not sure how to quite explain this but rather than this feeling like a whole book or novel to me, it felt more like a novella or companion piece. The only segments of the story that I felt myself gravitating towards or wanting to keep reading was Anna's storyline in Korea.

The first book kept me engaged with the other characters on an equivalent level to the main plot, but this time I didn't quite find that as the case. I enjoyed Anna's clear growth and dealing with the aftermath that comes from losing someone you love too soon, but aside from that I wasn't too active in my reading of the rest of the book. However, I will note that Bea's personal growth following the death of her cousin was also one of the highlights of the book for me. Also I felt that the last section of the book - Steven's Summertime Funtime party and all the events that occur in that space - was very rushed and sudden. Especially the issue with the shooting, etc.