A review by gettinglostinagoodbook
The White Aura, by Felicia Tatum


I really liked the idea of this book. Some parts were executed really well. I enjoyed the characters, and likes their connections for the most part. I feel like a lot was left out - even for book one in a series. Some background was missing which had me stopping every once in a while to ask "what's going on here?"
There were a few spots in which there was so much more potential. The build up to the dance for instance could have been so much more gripping. And the dance, really? Even knowing everything that was going on they still walked into an empty barn. Why? They knew they were being set up, but...
The fight at the dance. I was looking forward to discovering so much more about the powers each character possessed. Instead it was quick, dull and lacking intrigue. What a lost opportunity.
How, how, how could everyone forget about the curse? That was extremely unrealistic to me!