A review by tabatha_shipley
Fate of the Vulture by Jessaca Willis


What I Did Like:
-Slow burn romance. Oh, the slowest burn. I love that. I cannot tell you how much I love it. This series is a FANTASY series and it doesn’t forget that. The romance is NOT what this is about. It’s not even SLIGHTLY what this is about. It always remembers the focus of the story needs to lie in the fantasy and I love that. But the romance is adorable.
-SINISA. I LOVE this girl. I love her enough to reread this series. I love that she’s flawed and broken. I love that she questions everything even when we see how amazing she is. Her pain is REAL and I love her because of it.
-World building. I’ve said from book 1 that this series is AMAZING in the detail that is woven into it. The author built in so many amazing facets to this world that you can unwrap and get lost in it. It’s amazing, it’s awe inspiring, and it’s beautiful.

My Rating: 4 Stars. While this one will not traverse genre, fantasy fans need this one in their lives. Get this series, friends. It’s epic in more ways than one.

For Full Review (including what I didn’t love): https://youtu.be/L3ZGOSCEO_Y