A review by ktrainofthoughts
Almost Damned by Christopher Leibig


As you know me, I have a special corner for the thrillers, and this read “Almost Dammed” by “Christopher Liebig” is a treat for me with the perfect blend of legal thriller and supernatural and religious elements.
This book is a sequel to “Almost Mortal “but it can be read as a standalone. The plot is based on the fallen angels and the origin of demons. The story revolves around attorney Samson young who is on the way to fight for the justice of a group of exiled angels. I find the theological glimpse of Dan Brown books in it. I do not talk much more about the story as it will be a spoiler.
I enjoyed the legal proceeding narrates in this read. the detailed and skillful written plot shows the personal experience as an attorney and extensive knowledge of religious literature. Overall, for me, it is an entertaining read and recommended to thriller lovers.