A review by kate_in_a_book
All Good Things by Emma Newman


As the title suggests, this is the final part of the series (but is it an end rather than the end?). There are the same great characters and sense of humour, plus some seriously ramped-up action.

At the end of book 4 (WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD) Cathy has escaped the Nether and is under the protection of Sam, who as Lord Iron is the one person who can keep her safe from the Fae and their magic. But Cathy doesn’t want to rely on anyone else, even the loveable, well-meaning Sam, so she finds a way to make herself stronger. It involves facing a huge decision, one that puts a lot of lives in her hands. Has Cathy bitten off more than she can chew?

And has she been unfair to the Fae society she’s left behind? Their world is slowly changing. Cathy’s American sister-in-law is from a much more modern, equal Fae society than the British version. Maybe with a little patience it would all move in the right direction naturally. But there is so much resistance to change, to equality, in the Fae society Cathy lived in. The reactions to her were brutal, as were the reactions of the Elemental Court to Sam’s suggestion that they all try putting people and the environment before profit.

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