A review by hucklebuck411
Black Wings of Cthulhu, Volume 2: Eighteen New Tales of Lovecraftian Horror by Caitlín R. Kiernan


Like the first volume of Lovecraftian short horror stories this second entry in the "Black Wings of Cthulhu" was a mixture, some stories closer to Lovecraft's style and others not so much. All stories covered a take on a dive into madness for the main protagonists. There was one story IMHO, 'The Wilcox Remainder' by Brian Evenson, that I would have added something extra to the ending to make it even more creepy. The story that stayed with me the most was 'The Skinless Face' by Donald Tyson. Though set in modern times, this short story contained true elements from Lovecraft's nightmare world of "The Great Old Ones." 'The Other Man' by Nicholas Royle is one of those really strange stories that leaves it up to the reader's imagination to decide just how to interpret it. It would make for a great conversation piece among other readers. So now it's on to volume three of the "Black Wings of Cthulhu" series of anthologies.