A review by kaelaceleste
This Delicious Death by Kayla Cottingham


This was so fun! I've been in a bit of a reading slump lately and I picked this out the other day as something quick and easy to get through, and it did just what the doctor ordered.

There was a lot to love here - pandemic-inspired writing that's creative and not too on the nose, really lovely diverse and queer characters, and a side of cannibalism as a treat. I really loved the writing style too, super easy to read but also clever and funny. The characters were so cute and fun to read! I especially loved Celeste. The music festival setting was also super fun. Also the cover! Can we talk about the cover.

Just a few things I didn't love... I didn't super care for any of the romance elements at play here. Imo it took away from the horror parts (some of which were pretty scary!) but luckily it didn't take up that much of the plot. For a few parts I also had to suspend disbelief a bit but I liked everything else enough that it didn't matter that much. I also thought the shifting perspectives were at times a little random, but it was interesting and necessary to establish some of the characters' motivations.

I think this would make a super fun little teen horror film! Recommended for anyone who likes gay teen girls who eat human flesh!