A review by bookedwithannie
All the Things We Don't Talk About by Amy Feltman


This book is the definition of character-driven and it was done so so well. We have a non-binary teenager, their neurodivergent single father, the absent alcoholic mother, and a whole host of side-characters for our MC's the interact with.

I was most taken with Julian's story. Feltman writes this autistic single father so well and the relationship between Julian and Morgan was just beautiful. I loved how Morgan took care of Julian but how well Julian took care of Morgan in turn. It would have been an easy move to show Julian as an incompetent parent based on his autism and I think a lot of times that's the direction authors take. Which is why I appreciate so much that Feltman wrote Julian as a strong parent. Yes he had his struggles and he had to do things in a slightly different way than neurotypical parents might, but it was refreshing to see a person with autism represented in a strong fashion.

Zoe's chapters were tough to read (listen to) for many reasons but one being that they read very chaotic and there were a ton of characters to keep straight. However, I think this was brilliant because Zoe is chaotic. Honestly, each character's voice and personality came out so strongly with their respective chapters and that it a mark of a truly talented author.

My one complaint was the mentioned attempted school shooting at the start of the book that never really played panned out as a plot device. It seemed a bit out of place. Otherwise, a stellar character-driven story that was beautiful and will sit with me for a while. Highly recommend!

TW/CW: substance abuse, child abandonment, addiction, mention of school shooting (doesn't happen)