A review by severina2001
Or Else the Light, by Christie Yant, Hugh Howey, Various Authors


The third book of the Dystopia Triptych closes off the stories that began in the first two books, in some cases pushing the characters years into the future.

Some thoughts: Failsafe: Deep/Fake 3 by Rich Larson takes us into the country, but the chaos of the city follows. This one had a great ending line. The concluding stories of Targets by Adam-Troy Castro, Harvest by Seanan McGuire and Robots Rise by Tobias Buckell all had hopeful endings, but in some cases I felt that they were satisfying but perhaps not all that surprising. On the other hand, the ending of Lawless 3 by Merc Fenn Wolfmoor finished off the anthology by giving us a fabulous, semi-dark yet cathartic ending that reminded me a little of John Carpenter's "Escape From L.A."