A review by dirtydima
The Great Man Theory by Teddy Wayne


"Teddy Wayne's 'The Great Man Theory' is a riveting exploration of contemporary society, deftly interwoven with insightful commentary on technology and the Trump era. Wayne's narrative artistry is evident, endowing characters with depth and resonance.

His penchant for Hollywood-style endings, as seen in both 'Loner' and 'The Great Man Theory,' may not universally satisfy. In 'Loner,' leaving the protagonist in obscurity could have added a layer of intrigue. Similarly, a more subdued resolution for Paul in 'The Great Man Theory' might have imparted a more poignant resonance.

In 'Loner,' the possibility of the main character remaining an enigmatic figure among us could have heightened the sense of discomfort and intrigue. Likewise, in 'The Great Man Theory,' Paul's fate might have carried more emotional weight with a less over-the-top conclusion.

In spite of this, Wayne's skill in delving into pressing societal matters and captivating readers remains indisputable. For those seeking a thought-provoking glimpse into our world today, this book proves a rewarding read