A review by venusv
Angel Time by Anne Rice


"These are the songs of earth, I thought, quiet consciously. And they are filled with sadness and need and worship and reverence, and awe."

Oh, man. This was bad, like, BAD BAD. I honestly feel extremely guilty that this was my first Anne Rice book because that was... truly terrible. For over eight hours I sat through the religious nonsense hoping an actual story would take form, but.... NOPE.
There are two parts of this book:
1. Toby's boring and grueling backstory. How he became an assassin, how he gets hard any time a lute is mentioned, etc. Someone needs to tell him that playing the lute and wanting to be a Dominican Friar isn't a personality trait. Should've joined a LARPing group instead of playing badass assassin. (Which is super unbelievable, by the way. Picturing Toby murdering innocents and not so innocents is laughable, he's soft af.)
2. WATCH OUT! ANGEL TIMEEEEEEE!!!!! Yeah, this guy goes back in time to the Middle Ages with the help of an angel and lives out his dream of being a Dominican Friar while helping some people with their issues I could not care less about. Some Christian / Jewish twin conflict that apparently Toby relates to his real life leaving us on a cliffhanger for the next book in the series... which, spoiler alert, I won't ever be reading.

All around not a great time. I fell asleep twice while listening to the audiobook because nothing ever exciting happened. Just boring Toby being boring and talking about his lute and being happy about going back in time. I'm actually going to rate this one a 1.5 stars simply because the guy who did the audiobook has a nice voice.
Can't help but think Anne Rice wrote this to mirror her own struggles with finding Christianity again after being an atheist for so long. Which is totally fine, but this was not the way to do it. I'm just going to pretend Toby had a psychotic break and go about my day.