A review by asterope
Siren Queen, by Nghi Vo

dark emotional reflective slow-paced


It was everything I hoped for! 

The writing is sublime. So delicious and lush. I absolutely flew through this book, it was so smooth. The pacing knew when to take focus at the right moments, and then when to pull back. The characters had the right amount of sharp definition, yet also as glamourous and dreamy as you'd expect from the setting. The magical elements enhanced both the glitzy and darker moments in Luli's rise to stardom. 

I do wish we saw more of her sister's life as an artist in SF, but it made complete sense in the story as to why we didn't. The book concludes with such a perfect ending. I would have happily read much more of Luli's life, but this was the best place to end it really. The structure may have felt languid during reading, but when you look back, it's such a perfectly contained story. 

I might add more to this review later, but at the moment it's just glowing praise!