A review by thejufox
The Wallflower Wager, by Tessa Dare


4 stars (maaaaybe 4.5)

I had a great time reading this!!
I loved how Penny cared for her animals. Penny and Gabriel's interactions were so much fun to read, their chemistry and building relationship was engaging and interesting. No complaints there at all.

I was loving everything so much until the part where Penny finally told Gabriel about her past. From that moment on I knew what was going to happen and I was dreading it, because I don't usually enjoy things like that. I prefer my romances with a minimal amount of drama, or at least drama that's not too serious. This drama is a good example of more serious drama. The way it all unfolded at the ball wasn't really my taste and it got all huge and intense and it sort of came out of nowhere. The whole feel of it was different from the story leading up to it and that's probably my problem with it. What happened all made sense, but if it had started building up to it more clearly a bit more early on I might not have been as disappointed by the sudden intense dramatics.

The way the drama was solved, though, was something I had been waiting for the whole story long. It was clear to me that Penny was going to 'honour' Gabriel by doing what he does and I was living for it, they're so great together.

Then the ending giving us this (spoiler for quote):
Spoiler"I have every luxury a man could desire. Hundreds of thousands of pounds in my accounts. I worked like hell to build a fortune, and yet.. Now I'd sell my soul for a Penny."
...I loved that so much.