A review by michellekmartin
Nora Goes Off Script by Annabel Monaghan


This book was such a delight! Nora, approaching 40, is recently divorced and living a small life in upstate New York with her two kids. She writes romance movies for cable TV, and that's enough to (mostly) pay the bills. After her divorce, she writes a screenplay about her divorce that gets picked up by a bigger movie studio, and they descend on her house for three days to shoot some scenes. Enter Leo, the biggest Hollywood actor who is starring in the movie. He ends up staying at her house for a month after the shoot wraps up as he deals with his own issues and wants to retreat into a regular life of weekday dinners, soccer games, and quiet life. They, obviously, fall in love.

Monaghan wrote such great characters in this book. They come alive off the page and feel incredibly relatable. I love a good Hollywood trope in a rom-com, and this book delivered on that front. I couldn't help but picture Matthew McConaughey as Leo.

The characters had great chemistry, I loved the small town setting and the cast of other characters who support Nora and Leo in their cute love story. Overall, a really fun, feel-good read!