A review by samhain
Batman (2011-2016) #13, by Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, James Tynion IV


I think I'd prefer my previous guess (Alfred or Thomas), it'd be lame but it wouldn't be "we created a whole new foe with a super complex plan that involve four big players and will put another strain on Bruce's personal life just for him to be the Joker" lame. Besides, it makes little to no sense for him to suddenly use all the information he's gathered about the Bat family when he's never done so before, not even when he could have thrived from the chaos. And that's he's only goal. Eliminating Batman is not in his interest at all. So either he's got another plan, or he isn't the true Designer here.

By the way, how many villains know who Batman is? It's starting to feel like everyone and their mom know except for Harley. It'd be funny for maybe five minutes, but in the long run... Ugh. Stop having villains who know Bruce's bat kinks, please and thank you.