A review by laura96
Bastion, by Mercedes Lackey


A satisfying read, as I would expect from this author. However, this book really could've used to be edited one more time before publishing. There were occasionally tangents that seemed to have absolutely nothing to do with the story line - for example, the bit about blizzards and snow being common to major events in Mags' life. Unless he's going to suddenly develop an influence over the weather, I don't see how it's relevant. Further, there were several large pieces of speech that seemed to switch speakers halfway through, with details at the beginning being relevant only to one character but the details at the end being relevant to another. The errors were a bit distracting from the main story, which I did thoroughly enjoy. Not as mind-blowing as some of her earlier works, but still very satisfying and interesting to read. The only character I found difficult to swallow was Bey, and he just didn't seem very realistic to me. Awfully generous for a man who's supposedly grown up an assassin discouraged from forming bonds with others - including family! Four out of five stars for a good book that needed to be edited one more time before publication.