A review by raylawler
Origin, by Dan Brown


I used to love Dan Brown books. Then I noticed they were very formulaic. With the last couple books I felt like the formula was actually what made his best work. I like that's he's branched out and I liked the twist at the end in this, but don't feel like it got enough explanation and seems like it glossed over a lot in my opinion.
I don't know if this has always been the case, but Langdon seemed very easily impressed by people and things that weren't all that impressive given the situation. There was much that felt overly predictable and the plot here never really pulled me in. The big announcement didn't feel as big as advertised and I was left a little disappointed by this book overall.
I don't know if my tastes are just changing or if this actually was just a worse book than Angels and Demons and DaVinci Code.