A review by taketwolu
Orange City, by Lee M. Goldberg


In all honesty, I was immediately captivated by this story. While I haven’t read 1984, I can see how this book gives off George Orwell vibes. This dystopian world had me entranced and the world building in general was amazing -- we see a range of vibrant, bustling Downtown nightclubs to the hauntingly disturbing scenes of the Zones. Even the description of The Man (ruler of The City) had an enigmatic charm (in a bad, revolting way) --he's one of those 'things' (?) where it's too gross to look at but you look anyways kind of thing.

As for the storyline, I was intrigued to learn about Graham's past, the other characters, the different effects of Pow!, and why everything was happening as it was. Pow! is meant to be addictive and the cravings Graham had were insane (the descriptions also had be wanting a sip