A review by ellebanna_books
The Gilded Ones, by Namina Forna

  • Diverse cast of characters? Yes


So this book is really good and has a good potential. The world building and the mythology are incredible and it would be a 5⭐️ to me just for that but there are few bad points to me. First the romance is not realistic, we don’t see them fall in love she just tell us that they’re close but it’s all (I knew it would not be an incredible romance because it’s not a romance book but I’m still disappointed by how the author wrote it). Next the temporality is a bit awkward to me, I dunno how to explain it but to me it was one of the bad things of the novel. It’s a sexist world and I find all Deka’s reflections very interesting and I think the author take inspiration on our society and how women were called witches and were burnt by men because they were not like they wanted. The friendship between the girls was amazing and a big part of the story (love that). To conclude like I said the mythology is incredible, really really wonderful one of the best thing of the story, it was so interesting and original argh love it.

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