A review by glennisleblanc
Fables: Encyclopedia by Steve Leiloha, Bryan Bolland, Bryan Talbot, Mark Buckingham, Russ Braun, Adam Hughes, Andrew Pepoy, Daniel Vozzo, Bill Willingham, Dan Green, Laura Allred, Shawn McManus, James Jean, David Lapham, Lee Loughridge, Jess Nevins, Joao Ruas, Daniel Dos Santos


This is for someone who is a fan of the Fables series. I've enjoyed the comic series and some of the spin offs and this was a great index to all the characters that have been brought to life in the pages of the comic. You find out which ones came whole cloth out of the writer's mind and what was based off of a fairy tale. As I was reading this I could see someone using it for writing a paper on fairy tales and needing a good cross reference for some of the lesser known characters.

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