A review by xdaqua
Born a Crime: Stories From a South African Childhood, by Trevor Noah


Trevor Noah's memoir.
So funny. so moving. and with a plot twist.
Are all comedian's memoirs this entertaining? Cuz if so where can I get my next read.
Little Trevor was honestly soo loveable. his mischievous tales are the best.
memorable things about the book:
‣ Trevor's being a boy of color and the advantages (as well as troubles) it brought him.
‣ most notably the witchcraft and his nana tale, I laughed so hard xD
‣ Entrepreneur Trevor, Hitler, and the Gang.
‣ Fufi and Noah, and love advice xD.
‣ Dating as an African child (cuz I am African xD).
‣ MOST IMPORTANTLY Trevor and his mom Patricia (ALL THROUGHOUT THE BOOK, seriously from beginning to end).

Absolutely amazing