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All Good Things by Emma Newman


All Good Things is the fifth and final book in Emma Newman’s Split Worlds urban fantasy series. You absolutely must read the series in order! Seriously, you will be totally confused if you pick up this book without the context of the previous books. If you’re unfamiliar with the series but fae and feuding families sounds like something you’d be into, go check out Between Two Thorns. Oh, and avoid the rest of this review because this late in the series there’s literally no way I can avoid spoilers for Between Two Thorns.

Cathy has finally gotten away from Will, but she’s know dependent on another man, Sam (Lord Iron). When Bea offers to teach her sorcery, Cathy leaps at the chance. But that involves going along with Bea’s plan for the future, which is more disruptive than even Cathy could have imagined. Meanwhile, Will is under huge pressure to regain control of Cathy. His family’s grip on power is increasingly more tenuous, even as Iris continues to try and enact a mysterious plan. Max and the gargoyle need to figure out if working with Rupert is really the best way to keep protecting innocents. Does he really have interests other than his own at heart?

Back when I was doing the Split Worlds read along, I started keeping track of various questions that I had. For instance, one already answered question is “What is Cathy’s painting?” By All Good Things, we already know that Cathy’s painting is significant for containing the secret of Sophia’s existence. But many questions remain. Why is it so important that William and Cathy have a son within a year? What’s Lord Iris’s plan? Why would the Prince be angry at him? And of course, how can Cathy possibly succeed in improving human rights conditions within the Nether? All these and more are answered in All Good Things.

At the end of A Little Knowledge, I had no idea how Emma Newman could possibly wrap up the story arc in just one book. Overcoming a whole society is such a huge task! And every time it looks like Cathy could possibly have a success, she’s thwarted somehow. When she ran away from William at the end of book four (good!), she seemed almost farther than ever from her goals. How could Emma Newman go from the end of A Little Knowledge to a satisfying ending in just one book?

I don’t want to give any of the plot away, but oh my goodness, Emma Newman wonderfully succeeded with All Good Things. The book marks the definite end of a story arc, although I think there’s still more that could be explored if she ever decides to come back to this world. It’s a monumental ending that I will remember for a long time to come.

I hope that all other fans of the Split World series will find this ending as satisfying as I have. I really don’t think they’ll be disappointed.

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I received an ARC in exchange for a free and honest review.