A review by fox_corner
Black Leopard, Red Wolf, by Marlon James


This book gets points for being original in structure and prose, but honestly I could not get into it. I never had any idea what was going on or who the characters were. It's a book that you can't read quickly and forces you to slow down and set time aside to read it, but even once I adjusted to that I wasn't pulled in. I fully recognize that I may just not be the right audience for this, so I'm not saying don't read it, but I'm not going to widely recommend it. It's also really violent (in every way) and harsh towards women, both of which are a turnoff for me. I was so excited to see how Marlon, a gay Jamaican black man, approached the epic fantasy genre, since I've loved the science fiction being put out by authors of African origin, but I just couldn't connect with this book.