A review by hmlongstreet
The Duke and I, by Julia Quinn

challenging lighthearted reflective medium-paced
  • Plot- or character-driven? A mix
  • Strong character development? Yes
  • Loveable characters? Yes
  • Diverse cast of characters? No
  • Flaws of characters a main focus? It's complicated


Having watched the Netflix show first, I found at times always comparing the show to the book and vice versa. I have also read serval other comments on multiple different platforms about peoples opinions on the book before I had finished it. Some love it some hate it and I would be lying if I said other peoples opinions on this novel didn't affect my opinion on the it. But putting that aside I will give MY opinion on the events of the book and to what others have said about it. 

Firsts things first I consider the books and shows as separate entities and did compare the two but only because I liked to see what the show added and what the book added to the overall story.

This whole section will be spoilers so skip to the bottom if you want my overall view.

SpoilerOne common thing I heard being said was the racist undertones which I have a bit to say about. Simon says "I am not some sacrificial lamb to be slaughtered on the altar of your mother" and Colin replies "You have spent a lot of time in Africa, haven't you?" It is just that one line towards the beginning of the book. This line could be taken as a racist remark, and I am not sure if this is actually the line everyone is referring to when they speak of the racism in the book. I will say it is off putting when you first read it, considering it has no significance to the story. It can also be taken two ways, 1. that actual humans are being sacrificed in Africa or 2. Colin is referring to an African tradition of slaughtering a lamb and it it most likely the latter. It is worded strange and if you read it fast it can come off as concerning.

The rape scene, the one everyone talks about. I heard about this scene long before I decided to read the books. The only thing that I didn't know is what lead up to it and the events after. I don't condone rape. However, I did hint at the authors attempt to rectify the situation by making both parties feel ponder their actions. That being said there was no strong repercussions to Daphne and she still got what she wanted in the end. I believe that along with the act itself this is the main reason I why people did not like. I am not trying to glancing over it, but it is just one aspect of the book that was a distasteful inclusion, which can be the case with any other book.

Finally the misogynistic and possessiveness of the characters. All I can say is that, some people like that and it is 1813. Woman were literally property of their husbands and it creates historical relevance.

With all that out of the way it was a pretty alright story. At times I found it cute, sweet and passionate and other times I had my nose turning and saying "This is awkward". However I probably wouldn't have picked up this book if it weren't for the show, which I watched first. However I will be reading the whole series so If you care about my reviews there will be many more Bridgerton ones to come.

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