A review by veryreaderie
Champion of the Rose: Darest Book 1 by Andrea K. Host


Enjoyable read! Soren is a bit introspective at times (her difficulty making decisions & believing in decisions is part of her character/journey) but the world is vivid and enjoyable and—most importantly—magical! Don't you love fantasy that actually feels like fantasy?

Since this is book 1 of 2 I'm mostly waiting and seeing, but I absolutely love the background details about relationships/sexuality. All characters in the world seem to be a solid 3 on the Kinsey scale, which is never remarked upon, and monogamy isn't the standard for relationships (just one possible way to have a relationship). Again: I really love it when people take the premise of "not-Earth" to actually have fun with a world instead of making it as close to our society as possible. Onwards to Bones of the Fair!